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Elementary School Specials

We offer a wide variety of electives, called specials at this level, to our elementary students.


In our Physical Education classes, students will learn basic fundamental skills of various team sports and other health-enhancing activities, and develop team-building skills by working with others through physical activity.


In our Music Special, younger grades will learn the basics of music through song, dance, games, and rhythm instruments. As they get older they will also learn tempos, melodies, and music history in addition to studying musical theater.


The Art special enables students to unleash their creativity by teaching them the basics of colors and shapes. Older grades will go more in-depth with the principles of design.

Your students' artwork can be viewed online at Artsonia. You can watch your child's talent grow from year to year and purchase custom gifts with their artwork on them! 20% of custom gift purchases support your child's art program here at TCS.


The Computers special teaches students about hardware, such as the parts of a computer and what they do, and software, which includes typing, making slide shows, and coding. Students will also practice to achieve the National Keyboarding benchmark by the end of fifth grade of 20 words per minute with 90% accuracy on All-the-Right-Type.


In the Library Special, students participate in the AISLE Monarch Award program. This is a state-wide program where K-3rd students read 20 nominated books together, and then each student votes for his or her favorite. Throughout the year, students also learn about different sections of the library and how to find the type of book they are looking for. Classes will also learn about popular authors and their books or series.

Music on the Move

Music on the Move offers students the opportunity to receive lessons with a particular instrument and play in an ensemble. Learn more about Music on the Move here.


Learn more about the curriculum we use for Specials.