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Middle School Electives

Trinity Christian School offers unique electives designed to prepare students for success in all that they do and provide excellent experience for resumes.

Students partake in four electives per year, with one elective taken each quarter.

Here are our 2021-2022 middle school electives.

First Quarter Electives

Computer Skills

A self-paced digital literacy curriculum that is based on real-life applications and today’s most popular digital tools. Lessons are interactive and guide students through complex technical concepts in a fun, game-based environment. Concepts covered are keyboarding, online safety, business skills (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, multimedia) and intro to coding.

Study Skills

Study Skills is a required elective for students in 6th grade (1st and 2nd quarter) and for 7th and 8th graders who are referred by the Middle School Team. Students will learn effective study skills, including time management, organization, note-taking, and independent study strategies. They will learn how these skills are essential for academic success and will actually increase their confidence and satisfaction at school. Students will use what they learn to develop their own unique study system, which will be designed to ensure that they are able to organize and complete assignments, prepare for quizzes and tests, learn more effectively, and retain more information throughout Middle School. 


Do you love to sing?  Are you always creating crazy dances to your favorite songs? Do you want to have input into the songs that we sing at chapel?  Then join Heartsong! Students in Heartsong learn to sing and create motions to contemporary Christian songs in order to lead praise and worship during TCS Chapels. In addition, students will learn about proper vocal technique, sight reading, and music theory concepts which will help in preparing them for TCS musicals and future high school choir classes. Heartsong is also a great opportunity for students who would like to sing solos or overcome any fear of performing on stage. Students will also choreograph a black light performance. In this performance, students wear all black and use white gloves and black lights to create pictures that correspond to the lyrics in a Christian praise song. Past Heartsong members have gone on to be in high school choir, vocal jazz, and madrigal groups, as well as cast as leads in high school and community musical productions.


This elective is for the physically active student. We will cover various topics such as how our body works to get stronger, strength training, and agility training. We will also focus on building a balanced body, focusing on core strength.  Most student exercises will be circuit-based. This will be to achieve a total body and core balance. Students will be asked to lead a conditioning workout of their choice based on information we learn in class. The class will include some written/classroom work, but mostly physical activity in the gym.

L.E.A.D. Leadership Experience and Development

In this elective, students will learn to be a leader and a servant to others in many ways. God calls us to love and serve others just as He loves and serves us. Our students will be trained to reach out in this way. They will regularly help out and visit the residents at Alden Estates, our local assisted living home. They will learn how to show God's love to the residents and communicate with the elderly. Students will spend one day a week tutoring younger TCS students and helping teachers and staff around our school where needed. Students will work on communication skills and discuss how to be a leader in their daily lives. Students will discuss leadership throughout the quarter and what it means to lead others through a godly perspective.

Second Quarter Electives

Books, Movies, and Music

Do you love to get lost in a book and then watch the movie version and see how well the creators did in portraying your favorite characters and chapters? Do you love listening to the movie soundtrack and examining how well it enhances the storyline? In this elective, we will read and discuss books as well as watch parts of the movies that go along with them and listen to songs from the soundtrack. Students will also be able to share their favorite books, movies, and music with each other, and get suggestions for future AR reads. 


Students will learn characterization, memorization, terminology, Shakespeare, watch/read plays and report on them, improv, final project (performance), writing.

Animal Exploration

Students will research, share and explore animals in our world.