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Statement of Purpose

Our Purpose

Trinity Christian Schools seeks:

To guide each student toward a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

To instill in students a desire to know God and develop respect for all mankind

To offer a quality co-educational program in grades K-8 that is both God-centered and educationally sound

To provide a learning experience that develops each child’s unique God-given gifts (spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional) to his or her maximum potential as an image-bearer of Almighty God

To prepare students for a life of commitment to living as salt in this world, and to prepare them for life as servants to the Most High God

To meet the individual needs of the student through the utilization of proper placement, ability grouping where appropriate, and continuing guidance regarding the ongoing selection of a student’s course of study

To foster an attitude of personal responsibility for one’s actions

To provide meaningful opportunities to practice making sound decisions based on high moral and biblical standards

To develop within each child a healthy, godly self-image

To encourage a discipline of daily devotions (prayer and personal Bible study) that will produce a joyful and victorious Christian life