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Middle School

8th grade class outside a cabin at our 8th grade retreat location

Middle School

With plenty of elective choices, challenging curriculum, small class sizes and leadership opportunities both in and out of the classroom, our middle school students are equipped to be disciples of Christ, applying their knowledge in creative and responsive ways to life and the world around them.

High School Ready

Our middle school curriculum is designed to ensure that all of our graduates are high school ready, academically and spiritually.

"I have used what Trinity Christian School taught me to strengthen my faith and help me make good choices while attending my public high school. Trinity Christian School made me who I am today, and I have them to thank for my strong foundation in Christianity."

Karissa Ferry, TCS Class of 2020


"Academically, TCS prepared me 110% and I was easily ready for the challenges of high school. Because TCS pushed me to do my best in everything I do and stay organized, it was instinct by the time I got to Minooka and it was easy to stay on top of challenges."

Taylor Mackin, TCS Class of 2020


"We are thrilled with the quality students that come to Joliet Catholic Academy (JCA) from Trinity Christian School (TCS). They are not only excellent academically, but of excellent character as well. TCS students perform exceptionally well on the JCA entrance exam and throughout their four years."
Ryan Quigley
Joliet Catholic Academy
Director of Admissions and Communications

Unique Experiences

Student Council

Student Council provides students with the opportunity to develop servant leadership skills through various projects and fundraisers in the school. 

Leadership Experience

Experiences such as Heartsong and the L.E.A.D. elective give students an opportunity to develop servant leadership skills by engaging with younger grade levels and our community. Our hope is that as we train our students to become leaders, they will take these leadership tools and apply them to their current and future educational experiences. Through our student leadership, we believe that lives will be changed for God's kingdom as our students are sent out to attend and lead at many different high schools.

8th Grade Retreat

Each year we take our 8th grade class on a retreat to Pine Ridge Christian Center, a camp owned by Cup of Cold Water Ministries. Here our students spend time preparing spiritually for the year ahead and beyond into high school. Small group sessions and group sessions consist of worship and discussion times, and fun games and outdoor activities build trust and leadership skills.

Here is a recap video for one of our retreats: