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ACSI Student Activities

ACSI Extracurricular Activities

Outside of our core curriculum, Trinity offers various unique extracurricular activities.

These academic pursuits help our students to develop their gifts, and their participation in these clubs and organizations looks great on resumes for college and jobs.

Here's a list of extracurricular activities we have to offer:

Speech Meet

The objectives of the Speech Meet are:

  • To encourage skilled public speaking.
  • To help students to speak audibly, articulately, and expressively with poise and vitality.
  • To develop strong communication skills which contribute to effective leadership in Christian activities.

A student demonstrates his or her ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage to the audience. Poems, Bible passages, fables, patriotic prose and Bible prose are taken from selected materials provided by ACSI. Contestants do not compete against each other.

  • 1st grade students may select one Bible passage or one poem to memorize and recite at tryout.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students may select one Bible passage, one poem, or one fable/folklore piece to memorize and recite at tryout.
  • 5th and 6th grade students may select one Bible passage, one poem, one piece of patriotic prose, or write their own original speech to memorize and recite at tryout.

One student from each category will be chosen from each classroom to represent TCS at the Speech Meet. Dates for the Speech Meet are to be announced. Please contact Mrs. Woodford if you have any questions regarding this event.


Spelling Bee

The students from grade one through eight prepare to participate in the ACSI Spelling Bee.

Students are studying word lists and will soon be participating in their classroom Spell Downs. First through fourth grades classes will have their Spell Downs to select the top speller and the alternate. The top speller from each class will attend the ACSI Spelling Bee.

Students from fifth through eighth grades will complete in their classrooms to select the top four spellers. Those students will compete in the Trinity Christian School Spelling Bee. The top speller and alternate from each of those grades will be selected at this competition and will go on to compete at the ACSI Spelling Bee.


Math Competiton

Joliet West High School hosts a math competition for all the junior high schools which feed into it. In past years, we have sent selected 7th and 8th grade students to compete. Students compete in a variety of team math drills that test their comprehension and problem-solving skills.