"TCS, LET"S GO!"

                                                 TCS Eagle

You will often hear Trinity Christian School students say, “I love my school!” In most places, that's a rare these days. We believe underlying their passion for their school is the strong sense of security students have, knowing they are surrounded by people who believe in them.

Each student is confirmed and accepted for who he or she is and encouraged to nurture and develop his or her God-given abilities and gifts. Having freedom to be themselves and not who the world tells them to be, our students truly excel. Beyond our core curriculum, we offer many extra-curricular activities and personal enhancement opportunities for our students to grow. From our Chess Club to Cheerleading, from our Speech Meet to Soccer, Trinity has something for each child to develop his or her gifts in Arts, Athletics, Academics, Leadership and Faith and Ministry. We encourage you to explore all the wonderful opportunities waiting for your child at Trinity!