Scrip Policies and Procedures

1. PARTICIPATION INFORMATION. This 2020-2021 program runs through early May, 2021. Individual families and donor families may participate in the Scrip program at Trinity Christian School under the following terms and conditions:

2. COMMITMENT FULFILLMENT. Each K-8 family has a $200 fundraising commitment to Trinity Christian School using this program. This means $200 in Scrip REBATES, not a $200 Scrip order.

A. Deadline. This program ends early May 2021. Any fundraising commitments not fulfilled by early May 2021, will be considered an unsettled indebtedness and be billed directly to families by the school and due prior to the release of records. Example: If you raise $175 in Scrip rebates using this program you will be billed for the remaining $25 after the deadline.

B. Opt Out. You may opt out of this program by simply writing a $200 check to Trinity Christian School. This will fulfill your $200 Scrip fundraising requirement.

3. REGISTRATION. You may register for this program online via the Trinity Christian School website. You will be directed to the ShopWithScrip.com website where you will need to register for BOTH a Shop with Scrip account and a Presto Pay account. You will be unable to pick up Scrip cards until the disclaimer is signed and on file in the school office.


A. Ordering. All orders must be place online at www.shopwithscrip.com. The only way to pay for Scrip is with your Presto Pay account you set up. No other method of ordering will be accepted.

B. Deadlines. No late orders will be accepted. Your order must be placed online by 9:00 a.m. on Monday or it will be held until the following week.

C. Pick Up. Pick up is available Thursdays at the school between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. or you can do a one-time option disclaimer to have orders sent home with your child weekly. There will be no early release of Scrip orders.

D. Certificate Denominations. Scrip reserves the right to fill your order with denominations other than that ordered. For example, a Lands’ End $100 gift card may be substituted with four $25 gift cards.

E. Back Orders. Occasionally certificates may be back ordered. In this case, no refunds will be given. Certificates should be available within one week. Plan ahead to prevent problems due to a back order delay.

F. Rejection. Scrip reserves the right to reject without notification any orders that are submitted incorrectly. This includes but is not limited to paper orders, late orders, incorrect payment method, duplicate orders, certificates ordered in wrong increments, etc.

G. Errors. In the unlikely event you should find a discrepancy in your order, please contact the Scrip Coordinator Immediately during school hours.


A. Scrip accepts no cash or checks. Any cash/checks received will be returned.

B. Payments must be made online directly to Great Lakes Scrip Program using Presto Pay, an ACH method, at .15 cents per order.

C. Earnings are tax deductible according to IRS regulations. Consult your tax advisor.

6. N.S.F. ORDERS. Each family is responsible for all orders placed under their account number. An ACH returned N.S.F. will not be re-deposited. You will incur a fee of $30 to be paid to Great Lakes Scrip Program. Future orders will not be processed until the N.S.F. check is covered and the $30 fee is paid. After two NSF ACH transactions your privileges with the program will be suspended.

7. DISCLAIMER. The disclaimer information on the registration form is needed ONLY if your child will be bringing your certificates home. No certificates will be sent home with any child without a signed disclaimer. Only the designated child may receive the certificates; it does not include siblings. Students will have the certificates delivered to their classroom. You may sign only one disclaimer per school year – you cannot change back and forth. Pick up by A.M. kindergarten students is available, however, Thursday morning delivery is not guaranteed. If orders are not ready by A.M. dismissal, orders may be picked up Thursday afternoon from 2:00 to 3:00pm or will be sent home on Friday. Preschoolers may not bring orders home, preschool parents must pick up orders in the school office.

8. CERTIFICATE INFORMATION. Certificates are the same as cash. You may buy anything in the store you would normally buy with a check, cash, or credit card. You may also use store manufacturer coupons.

A. Expiration dates/Cash back. Certificates may have an expiration date varying from two months to two years. Some stores limit the amount of change that can be returned from a certificate. Please check with the individual stores.

B. Charge Payments. Please refer to the Scrip Retailer Explanation/Policies for individual store information. Some charge accounts can be paid with certificates. It is recommended that you pay the account in person at a local store since the certificates are considered cash and should not be mailed.

C. Refunds/Exchanges. Certificates cannot be returned to Scrip for exchange or refund for any reason.

D. Lost Certificates. Neither Trinity Christian School nor Scrip can accept responsibility for lost or misplaced certificates. These certificates are the same as cash. Once your Scrip order is distributed, the contents are your responsibility.

E. The certificates offered and credit percentages provided are subject to change without notification.

9. DISBURSEMENT POLICY. Scrip is offered to promote the education of students at Trinity Christian School; therefore, the money earned for your family account number will only be paid to Trinity Christian School.



I (or my child if disclaimer is signed) will pick up certificates in the Trinity Christian School Main Office

DISCLAIMER: Complete this section if your child will be permitted to bring your certificates home. CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE SENT HOME WITH YOUR CHILD IF THE DISCLAIMER IS NOT SIGNED. Authorize one name only.

I authorize the release of my Scrip certificates to my child. I will not hold Trinity Christian School or Scrip responsible for any lost or misplaced certificates.

Student’s First and Last Name:_______________________________________Teacher_____________________________

Parent’s Signature:_____________________________________________________Date:______________