How Scrip Works

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a collaborative fundraising program in which bulk quantities of gift certificates/cards from grocery and retail stores are purchased at a discount by Trinity. The certificates are then sold to participating families at face value. The discount received is retained by the school.

How it works: 

For  example, a family goes to the Scrip website by 9:00AM Monday and places an order and payment for $100 in Jewel gift certificates. This particular retailer offers a 4% credit back to the school on all purchases. Scrip will then, independently from the school, process this order and payment and deliver the gift cards and/or certificates to the school. On Thursday of that week, that family will receive their $100 in Jewel certificates onsite at Trinity. Scrip will then credit Trinity directly with the 4% discount earning (or $4.00) from the family’s Jewel order.

Get this! If a family did this each week of the school year, that would be an total amount for the school year of $208 just on groceries! Combine these earnings with purchases made at hundreds of participating merchants available through Scrip and the earnings can really add up! By simply using Scrip to purchase goods they already buy at no additional cost, families can support the vital work and mission of Trinity Christian School.