Before and After School Care - C.A.P.

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Before & After Care for  Preschool (C.A.P.) for Shorewood Campus     

  • Before School: 7:00-8:45AM and is held in the Multi Purpose room of the North Building.                                 
  • After school: 2:45-6:00PM and is held in Room 13 of the Main Building.

Sign In Procedure: The latest you can drop off your child is 8:15AM. You will drive up to the CAP entrance, park, come into the building, and sign your child in.

Notify Us: Please let the teacher know at drop-off if your child is staying for CAP after school.

Sign Out Procedure: The earliest you can pick up your child is 3:30PM due to TCS Elementary School pick-up. Pull around the main building and park along the edge of the building, just past the door under the sky walk. Please ring the doorbell. A teacher will open the door for you. Come into the building and sign your child out.

Snacks: Please send a snack in a container marked CAP and with your child’s name on it for after school CAP.

Safety: Only people whose names are listed on your CAP enrollment form for approved pick-up will be allowed to pick up your child.  A driver’s license may be asked for if the teacher does not recognize the pick-up person.

Drills: We will practice fire and tornado drills with the children in CAP. Even though they practice in preschool, they may not be in the same room as their preschool class.


Full Day Students

  • Pay with tuition (available only for full-time students):
    • $175.00 per month for AM & PM CAP - 3 full day
    • $225.00 per month for AM & PM CAP - 5 full day

CAP payments: Payments are due 15 days after invoicing and will be billed through FACTS. If payment is not received, your child will not be allowed into CAP until payment is made.

Late Fee: There is a $15.00 late fee, for every 15 minutes past 6:00PM, starting at 6:01 PM.  There is a grace period from 3:00-3:10 for families who may be running late.  A $5 fee will be charged through FACTS in these instances.

Contact Information: If you ever need to contact someone, please call or email:

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