PK4 Curriculum


• Language acquisition and development
• Recognition of alphabet letters
• Phonemic awareness of alphabet sounds /a/–/z/
• Letter-sound recognition of medial short vowel sounds; initial and final consonants
• Optional beginning reading strand for eager learners

Listening and Literature

• Traditional literature; realistic and fanciful prose and poetry; nursery rhymes

• Vocabulary development and enrichment
• Auditory memory; sound by direction, pitch, tempo, and volume; rhyming words
• Listening questions to develop comprehension • Dictation of group writing experiences; sentence completions; sequencing of story


  • Correct posture, pencil hold, and paper place- ment
  • Prewriting skills; finger tracing and pencil tracking of left-to-right, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zig-zag, and curved line
  • Uppercase and lowercase PreCursive alpha- bet; numbers 0–12


  • Number recognition 0–20; counting to 100; shape recognition; pattern sequencing; color sequencing
  • Calendar, clock, coins, measurement, dot pat- terns, number sets, number line, ordinals, fractions
  • Position words

Social Studies

  • Concepts of God’s plan for the child and his family
  • Patriotism, patriotic symbols, holidays
  • Community helpers, transportation


  • Environment: seasonal changes of plants and animals; animal families and animal homes
  • Hands-on: experiments, cooking, weather, space, and magnets


  • Art suggestions and craft activities corre- lated with unit themes


  • Fine and gross motor development activities; games, action rhymes, and action songs


  • Songs, rhymes, and musical games
  • Additional music strand to complement les- sons through movement, rhythm instruments, retelling of stories, games, and songs