Faculty and Staff


Director of Business Services
Director of Education
Director of Development

K - 2nd Grade Teachers

2nd Grade Teacher
Half-Day/Full-Day Kindergarten / Spanish Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
Full-Day Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade Teacher

3rd - 5th Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
3rd Grade Teacher

Middle School Teachers

8th Grade Sponsor/8th Grade Bible/Middle School Science Teacher
8th Grade Sponsor/8th Grade Bible/Middle School Math Teacher
7th Grade Sponsor/7th Grade Bible/Middle School English Teacher
7th Grade Sponsor /7th Grade Bible/Middle School Literature Teacher
6th Grade Sponsor/6th Grade Bible/Middle School History Teacher

Electives Teachers

Physical Education
Art / Computer
Music Teacher / Library

Support Staff

Administrative Assistant/Recess Coordinator
Lunch Coordinator
A.M. B.A.S.K.
K3 Lead/PTM President/ A. M. B.A.S.K.
Business Services
Head Facility Manager
Learning Center Coordinator
PTM Ministry Vice President/P.M. B.A.S.K.
Volunteer Coordinator
P.M. B.A.S.K.
Business Services
Recess Coordinator/ Kindergarten Aide
Administrative Assistant
Technology Coordinator
Kindergarten Aide
Special Events Coordinator